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Milestone Media was created in 2000 by journalists Gordon Walker and Seuna Martin.

Unlike the founders of most existing PR companies, they have worked at the highest level in UK journalism.

Seuna Martin was Editor of several weekly newspaper groups in Scotland and England. She’s the former Assistant Editor of the Press & Journal, Deputy Editor and Managing Editor of the Scottish Daily Express, and former Managing Editor of the Press Association, the UK’s national news agency.

Gordon Walker is a former Deputy Editor of the Daily Mirror in Scotland. Prior to that he was a news reporter for many years, a film critic and was also News Editor and Executive Assistant to the Editor on the UK’s largest regional morning newspaper, the Press & Journal.

Our team of national newspaper journalists use their contacts and in-depth knowledge to promote (and protect) clients who come from all sectors of industry. The only things you pay for are our expertise and our time. There are no fluffy PR girls or fast talking poseurs here.

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