Why choose Milestone Media?

You want to reach your target audience using old and new media to attract lots of new customers.

You want to raise your public profile or enhance your reputation in the business community.

You want your company to become a household name locally, nationally or internationally.

You want to advertise your wares, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive advertising, hit or miss internet marketing or ineffective PR.

You want a top consultant who offers value for money, and who will be on call 24-hours a day if required.

Milestone Media is a journalism-led multimedia agency which can get your business featured regularly in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, on social media platforms and on relevant websites.

We can work within any budget and we guarantee publicity in your target market.


We guarantee the best customer service possible and a personal service.

We are well known and respected in journalism, giving our customers unparalleled access to the top names and publications.

I want to be associated with this company.

Milestone Media is good for Scotland, good for Britain, but most of all, the people at Milestone are good for business.

In my opinion, Milestone Media are the best PR operatives working in Scotland today.

Mike Parry, Media Commentator and Former Director of Programmes, Talksport

We are absolutely delighted with Milestone Media and the successful results speak for themselves.

Their input into our marketing activity has been tremendous, in particular a very highly valued and irreplaceable aspect of journalist press coverage.

We also very much enjoy the ongoing dialogue and very personalised liaison with Gordon and Seuna.

Nicholas Russell, Managing Director, Balbirnie House Hotel

We’ve worked with many media and PR companies, but Milestone Media is far and away the best.

Their knowledge of how the media works and their contacts gives them access to all areas.

We are delighted with the coverage they have gained for our clients.

I have worked with Gordon and Seuna for many years.

They are both true professionals who know the media business inside out and from both sides.

This gives them an enormous advantage over other PR companies and I’d recommend them any time.

Steven Stewart, Director of Corporate Communications, Stagecoach Group plc.

Milestone Media was a key part in the Orocco Pier success story.

From the minute we launched, their experience and contacts drove our product beyond our wildest dreams.

Peter Wilson, Managing Director, Renaissance Ecosse, Orocco Pier

I would urge any company, large or small, looking to increase their profile to try out a Milestone Media campaign.

It could be the single best business decision you could ever make.

Ian Campbell, Managing Director, Avenue Scotland

Milestone Media has worked to increase my profile since 2009.

I think their success is due to the enthusiasm for the job, their contacts within the press and Seuna’s experience both as a PR and as a newspaper editor.

She has inside knowledge and she has used this to help promote my services in a way I did not think would be possible before I saw the results she achieved.

I am delighted to recommend Milestone Media for all types of PR work as they really provide an excellent, personal service.

Taimur Shoaib, consultant plastic surgeon/ owner, La Belle Forme

Gordon and Seuna are hugely creative and talented individuals – their track record is testament to that.

The resultant publicity from a very focused and proactive PR campaign has been totally effective in raising public awareness of me and my business.

Marlene Macmillan, TV Macrobiotic Chef, Health Counsellor and Author, Managing Director, Academy of Wellness www.marlenewatsontara.com, Academy of Wellness

Milestone Media has gained excellent media coverage in the national press, daily newspapers and across the internet for Aurora Clinics throughout England and Wales.

This has raised the company profile considerably and I would definitely recommend them as an effective, no-nonsense PR outfit.

Susan Morrow, Business Development, Manager, , Aurora Clinics, Bucks

Milestone Media are fantastic operators, really sharp, and great to do business with.

From PR coverage in traditional and internet media, plus great advert designs, cost-effective media buying and a complete marketing strategy, they will always go the extra mile.

Iain Beveridge, Finance Director, , Headlam Group plc

Seuna and Gordon are the best PRs in the business!

Yvonne Bolouri, Women's Editor, The Sun

Milestone Media have gained widespread national media coverage for Renewable Resources Ltd in newspapers and on the internet.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.

John Devlin, Former Managing, Director,, Renewable Resources
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