Immersive, Interactive, and Emergent Media

Jinn Ginnaye, 2014-pres

Jinn-Ginnaye is an exploration of movement in place. It is a collection of pieces using photogrammatry, motion capture, and Virtual Reality to exploring cross cultural performance...

Kirk Woolford

vRSP: virtually (Re)Sounding Place, 2018-pres

The vRSP project explores new, responsive, immersive, and interactive methods of experiencing a performance, as well as allowing users to explore the unique heritage places for which these performances have been created....

Kirk Woolford

Will.0.W1sp, 2005-2008

Will.0.W1sp is an interactive installation exploring our ability to recognise human motion without human form. It uses particle systems to create characters or “whisps” with their own drifting, flowing movement, but which also follow digitised human movements....

Kirk Woolford